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Eep, I hadn't realised I've been away for so long, time truly flies when you're preoccupied with something else. ^^ Thank you all again so much for the lovely comments and support, I'm going through my messages and will reply to them soon. :]


Much, much thanks to phosphoretic for purchasing me a DA subscription; so sweet of you when I did nothing to deserve it, really. So... thank you, once again. :rose:
A little late, but what the heck... Happy holidays, everyone :] Much thanks for the well wishes. :rose:

Will be watching ROTK 3 days later, which coincidentally, is also my bday. I hope it'll be good. The movie, I mean. ^_~
AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Just had to share. o_o

Ergg..why do I always feel so sleepy when I have so much work to do?! =_=  Don't you hate it when your coffee makes you feel tired AND jittery? x_X

Pirates of the Caribbean has finally landed here. XD After hearing so friggin much about it, I think I'll probably go watch it out of sheer curiosity.  ...Despite me not really being a movie person.

Song for today, yesh. E.S. Posthumus -Nara.
Ya know, instead of wracking my brain thinking of what to write in the journal, I'll just try to post a random song from my winamp list whenever I visit.  ..Because you can never have too much music.

I don't follow trends... so if it's old, don't shoot me. :p

SO, random song for today: Funker Vogt - Date of Expiration (Old but gooood.)

Updatiee... : Covenant - Bullet (LOVE this man's voice. :]~~)
haha, BEST icon on DA ever.  It never fails to crack me up. He looks like he's got foam coming out of his head. lol.

One more thing.  I detest spam.  If your sole purpose of leaving a message is to get me to click your link, the last thing you will receive from me is a page view. If you're intending to do so, DON'T.

And for all of you lovely folk who have commented, thank you so much. I truly appreciate the feedback. ^_^

:daprints: courtesy of realitysquared
Yay, I have a print account! :D  Much much thanks and :heart: to realitysquared for purchasing it for me.

That means there're a couple of pictures hiding out in the Store over there. Yeup.  ^_^

And thank you all as always for the lovely comments; and for visiting.
Thank you for the wonderful welcome everyone! ;]

I'd love to be able to respond to each one of you, but I'm afraid it's not quite possible.  Much thanks though; your comments are truly appreciated.

Since I've gotten quite a lot of questions regarding what I work with, here it is:

I basically use Painter (and an Intuos) for all my work.  Photoshop is used very occasionally, for minor compositing work and level adjustments.  But generally the entire painting is done in Painter.

Regarding prints, I'll look into the options available and try to get back with more concrete info later.

Bye for now, and thanks for reading. :]

Ehe, this is a BIG site.  I'm not sure I know where to click what.   I'll probably learn in the near future though. ;]

Not much else to say, I'm feeling kinda stoned right now.  But thanks for dropping by. :3